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How do I stop this!! Please Help!!?

Kay let me begin. I'm bulimic. I'm 14. I'm 5 feet 10inchs tall and weigh 98 pounds. I'm a ballet dancer/ model. I have also suffered from depression. Here's the "good" news for most of you. I'm in a recovery center. But here's the thing... It SUCKS. i came here because my school counsler and my parents made me. But this place is aweful. They make me feel like i'm this horrible person for thinking that builmia was the right answer. I mean i know it was wrong but it's not like i murdered someone. But they always are tell me... you should be ashamed that you did that. So now i feel like everythings my fault and that i should just quit trying to do anything right. So basically i'm still builmic cuz this recovery center from hell isn't helping. I don't know what to do... should i leave?? (if my parents with let me) or should i try and stick it out (even though it's just making me want to throw up more)??

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    What complete and utter anus-holes. They should be trying to help you with your problem, not giving you a complex. Listen, try to get out of that place...and make your parents complain to the proper authorities. That stuff shouldn't happen!! Also, try to get help somewhere else, maybe try another one? They can't all be like that!!

    Hey, you're make mistakes. Who are they to make you feel bad? Your bulimia probably has to do with your ballet-dancing/modelling. There are people out there who genuinely want to help don't give up!!

    ...and to MEGHAN B and the other ignorant anus-hole. Before you say she should be ashamed of herself, learn proper punctuation. You should be ashamed of yourself! Haven't you heard of a CAPITAL LETTER? She has nothing to be ashamed of...she's young and mistakes happen. Also, she may be a victim of circumstance i.e. having to stay slim because of her ballet dancing/modelling. I suppose you never made mistakes when you were young?? So if you can't give good advice, I suggest you SHUT YOUR PIE-HOLES!!

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    I have battled Anorexia for 12 years and when I started I was a teen. Same thing happened to me my mom and the school counselors put me in a mental hospital. It was awful and I hated it and the way they treated me. So I know what you are going through. Hang in there for you. I got out of the hospital on luck a local eating disorder association stepped in because the hospital was not treating me properly, they actually made me worse, and it does not sound like the place you are at are doing it right either. Talk to your parents, tell them the place you're is making the whole thing worse. See if you can bargain and find another place. I came out of my situation more messed up then when I went in. Be honest with your parents and tell them they are NOT helping you but you would be willing to try another avenue. You can email me if you want to talk, I have been down the same road your on and I know how hard it is. My email is By the way I went into the hospital anorexia and came out with a problem with not only anorexia but bulimia I am always here if you want to even just vent,

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    First I'm so sorry that ANYONE in ANY type of recovery program or center has uttered the word 'ashamed'! You should not be ashamed hon. Bulimia is a disease, both mental and physical. It can and does kill people. This is a way you found for coping with certain things in your life. Now is the time to find new ways to cope. Its time for a life change. Its time for you to begin to feel good about YOU! I doubt if your parents will let you leave if they believe in this place. Do your parents agree with the way they are treating you? Make sure and let them know what these people are putting in your head. Ask them to please let you go to another treatment center that will REALLY HELP you to RECOVER. There is no shame here or where you are dear girl. Hang in there and please if your parents don't let you change treatment centers seek more and different professional help after you are released. Do what you have to, to get out of there and get some real help. I wish you good luck and your in my prayers.

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    Is there some other rehab/recovery place you can go to or a different counselor you can see when you get out? That place doesn't sound healthy at all and I can't imagine their success rate is high.

    Don't be ashamed of what you did, just realize it was a poor and harmful choice and that you need to make better choices in the future. I used purging as a dieting tool for years and although I was never diagnoses bulimic, I know the effects it can have and why people do it.

    Take care of stronger than your stress...don't let things that trouble you cause you to purge or do any other unhealthy behavior...realize that life is full of tough times and great times...we work our way though the tough stuff to get to the good stuff...

    The choices are do you want to handle your life and your stress? Do you want to be healthy and happy? Take the steps to make it happen!

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    Talk openly and honestly to your parents about how you feel and what is happening. Tell them that you will be happy to try another recovery program, but that this one just doesn't do it for you. Ask them to check out some other programs, and you can do the same, as you have access to the Internet.

    In the meantime, until you can work that out, try to cope with the program you are in, talk to other clients there, and try to sort out what is happening to you. Also try to rise above how this program is making you feel, and concentrate on the fact that your parents are worried about you and want to help and probably feel terrified and helpless and don't know what is best to do. They are afraid of losing you.

    Take care of yourself. No one should be making you feel ashamed of anything. Bulimia is a disease that takes control of your life. Do talk honestly to your parents.

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    In my opinion, you are stuck between a rock and a hard place.

    I am also anorexic. It is not fun. I know how you feel. Make some good friends and they will help you through it. Also get another hobby, play an instrument, or something that will get your mind off of it.

    Also as long as you have support and the recovery center, stay there. It can only get better.

    I am very proud of you. Keep up your head and don't give up.

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    Try to change your outlook on the situation. YOu will only get out of it what you put into it. The treatment center is there to help you, not hurt you. Be honest, go to your group or counselor and tell them how you feel. Accept that you are there, and that you have a problem. YOu are not an awful person, you are a beautiful person who needs some help. Get it and take advantage of the opportunity you are given to be in the treatment center.

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    If it isn't helping you need to find another center to get help from.. if they are making you feel guilty for a problem that is psycological they aren't doing it right. Be honest tell them you need another place since guilt is not going to be the way to make you better. if they really are concerned for your well being they will find a new place for you. You have to get the help before you die. of starvation or your organs start to consume you. Try reading up on bulimia on the internet you might be able to help yourself understand it better. That center sounds like dapits!

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    You should tell your parents and leave. Maybe go to another center or a therapist. If you know it was wrong then stop. Start talking to a therapist hey can help you.

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