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im 5'7" and weigh 135lbs. but id like to lose about 10 pounds.. how long do you think that would take?

im starting to run 2 miles everyday.. should i up it to 3-4 instead for faster results? i also do 200 crunches/leg lifts and 200 lunges everyday.

now if i dont eat after 7 pm .. will that also help?

how much should i be watching my diet ?

i eat fruit for breakfast or cereal

i eat tuna or another type of sandwich for lunch

and for dinner i usually eat some type of pasta or meat with salad.

should i change my eating habits as well?

how long do you think this would take me to lose about 10-15?

and im 16 years old

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    You're doing everything right; actually, I wouldn't increase the running. Ge a pedometer if you don't have one, and it'll show that you have done a lot of walking/running. Get a really good pair of running shoes. I have heard of very young people having stressed themselves to the point of exhaustion in search of the perfect body. It is better to lose any amount of weight sensibly over a longer period. No fad diets. And NO diet pills. Losing it too fast is simply not healthy. Make sure you are hydrated. Don't drink pop, or not to excess. Tea and coffee actually cause dehydration by causing you to pee more. Carry a bottle of water when you run. Do warming up and cooling down exercises, or you'll get sore when you stop, which may make you want to stop altogether. Don't risk lowering your electrolytes. People have been placed on an IV in the hospital for this. And I'd have pasta at the most every second or third day, since it is usually adorned with butter/margarine, excess salt, and too much cheese. A banana daily will increase potassium and fibre; and potatoes in the diet, without all the extra toppings, and with skin on, is almost a meal. (Not fries!) You're actually still growing, so don't starve yourself. If you don't like skim or 2% milk, yogurt is the way to go; make sure you get the kind with active bacterial culture, and low- or non-fat. Don't smoke, stay away from drugs, and treat your body right, and you are setting yourself up for a lifetime of health and happiness. Good luck.

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    At age 16, you need the extra calories, but if you are determined to lose, you are doing everything right. To lose 10 pounds, you should not lose any faster than over the period of a month. Make sure you dont overdo it with the exercise, and underdo it with food!!

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    For your height and age you should weigh around 145-155. At 135 lbs. you're already underweight. Stop trying to lose some more. Gain a bit instead.

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    1.) you are ten pounds underweight and for your height it sounds like you are pretty skinny.

    2.) you are only 16, live your life and don't worry about your weight. these are the best times of your life and if you spend them concerned on how you look or pushing yourself for something unrealisitic you will find time flying by you and you'll regret it. focus on just have a great time with friends and school.

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    You should strive to remain healthy. Your Body Mass Index is 21.1 You are extremely fit and should concentrate on remaining active and eating a consistent healthy diet. Focusing on a number on the scale is irrelevant.

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    You can do that in a months time if you can walk one hour in the morning and one hour in evening.

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    i think you are crazy if you lose 10 pounds. you will be a stick and that is sick. i am 5'5 at 135 and i am certainly not fat.

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    If you barely eat anything and exersise then you can lose it very fast. ( Max: 3-4 weeks)

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