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Arkansas DIY: Wind-powered energy source for homes? Turbines. Cost? Grants?

I live in Arkansas and have just started looking into possibly putting a turbine at my home (plenty of acreage) but it seems so unbelievably complex. Has anyone done this yet? Pointers? Cost? What's needed and what's not? I get price ranges from $7500 - $33,000.

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    Wind power is one of the most environment friendly means to generate electricity. The time taken to set up a wind power project is very short compared to the time taken to set up a conventional thermal power plant using coal or nuclear energy. A wind farm can be set up in areas where the wind is fast enough to power a wind turbine. If wind turbines are set up in all available locations, the energy generated will exceed the world's power requirements more details at

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    You can start with a personal 15" wind turbine that only cost about 550 dollars.

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    howdy Roxanna, they're in my sister's section. extremely a number of them. 3 are somewhat on the edge of her homestead. You DO hear noise from the turbines. in accordance to my sister.. there are days, whilst that's truly windy, that the turbines get truly loud. i assume to me, a sprint elementary experience... in case you hear followers once you turn them on, you will hear those turbines, that are extensive followers. Ever hear of mom's terrific cereals? Their cereals are made with renewable wind capability. certainly one of their info... when you consider that 2006, they have bought extra effective than 7 million kilowatts hours of renewable wind capability, a income equivalent to taking very nearly a million,000 automobiles off the line. As for any wellbeing subject concerns, i haven't heard any...yet remember extremely nicely whilst the electrical powered lines have been a reason for many cows loss of life. So... it does not be a topic linked in basic terms with turbines.

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