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Is it better to follow the crowd and be accepted or follow your own path and possibly be ostracized?

This is a philosophical question based on contradictory theories, specifically, those of James Surowiecki vs. Carl Jung.

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    The important thing is to not lose who you are, no matter which way you choose. You will find that in some ways you are following your own path and in others there is someone who walked the part of the path you are on just ahead of you and you can't see them.

    If your own path is where you need to be and what you are inside requires it, it is better not to fight your nature. Not everyone can blaze their own trails through life, it takes a lot of determination and belief in your own convictions.

    If your own path leads to you being ostracized, as long as this path is really yours you are in a better spot as this is where you should be.

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    Be a man and be yourself.

    If you ever have a doubt about some ones character, some one you might want to hang out with or associate with, just ask yourself this one simple question and you can't go wrong.

    Would John Wayne drink a shot and a beer with this person?

    By the way, do you think John Wayne would have a shot and beer with you?

    If yes good, if not work towards that goal until you and the Duke can belly up to the bar and throw back a few drinks and wind up singing Home On The Range.

    Once you reach stage the crowd will be following you and you will be feared by men and loved by woman!

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    It all depends on you. If you are the type of person who needs to follow the crowd and you feel that this is your own path, then that's what you do. If you listen to the beat of a "different" drummer and do as your gut tells you criticism or not I believe we are then on our own true spiritual path. Which is better? Neither. It is up to the individual. For me I follow my own drummer and everything always works out for the best whether it is the outcome I expected or not.

  • I think it's better to follow your own path,you shouldnt have to follow nobody just to be in you will never be allowed to be you cause your to besy being and doing what somebody else is doing or telling you to do.you should be yourself and make your own crowd to where you know that these people like you for you and you can be you and be accepted.a theorie is just a theorie intill you live that theorie.you shouldnt have to ACT. TRUST

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    Sheep are destined to live in a herd, they are happy there. When they are on their own, they become "lost". Have you ever heard of a "lost" tiger? Tigers walk their own path and are not well adjusted to a life in the herd. The same with us people: there are sheep and tigers among us. What fits one is not suitable to another. The trick is to understand which am I - a sheep or a tiger?

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    good question. My father replaced right into a strict muslim and my mom an atheist. My father by no skill instilled his faith on me thankfully. I grew as a lot as recognize everyones accurate to prepare their faith even with that ought to correctly be, yet to emphasize ones beliefs on yet another - it truly is the issue I have. this is not the fault of God (whichever structure he ought to take) this is the interpretations and warping of non secular books to in nice condition ones personal agendas that reason issues. So I follow my personal route with an open ideas ;)

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    I follow my own heart. I don't care about popularity. Ostracism hurts, but I'd rather have a clear conscience, and keep my dignity and self respect. I am not a lamb to be led to slaughter.

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    i will use kids as an example.

    kids these days are pressured to do things that they may not want to do. for instance, Bullying seems to be cool, so they do it. but if they had a choice to be themselves, they probably wouldn't. If society carried itself better, and taught them better ethics, they'd all want to follow their own path. Being who we are makes us happy.

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    Is it 'better'? Better for who? If youre wondering if it's better in general, there is no answer since each person has a different set of values. If youre wondering if its better for YOU, only you can answer that.

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    Everyone has to step to their own drum.

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