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average penis size?

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    average is 5-6 inches, but it totally depends on where you are from.

    for th U.S it is 5 inches, for france it is 6, and for korea it is 3.7. just depends on your heritage i guess.

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    Even as a penis obsessed male I am completely astounded at the amount of questions on here relating to penis size. After reading through all this crap I have come to the conclusion that the average penis size is alot smaller than almost all of the statistics you might come across state. The reason that these statistics produce a higher than "average" average is simply because of lies. Maybe the person owning the penis is lying about its size, which is highly likely or a particular organisation is lying because they want you to buy their penis pump. Also, large penis' are glorified and discussed more openly than small ones and that can give the illusion that the average penis size is somewhat larger than average or normal. I have also come to realise that average and normal can be two very different things, as with any other body part or anything on earth for that matter. To get a true average you need to measure every penis on earth but after reading page after page I would estimate it at 5 inches in length and 4.5 inches in circumference.

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    me as a Bi male... Ive experianced some really big ones..nuthing ever Under 6

    maybe It has something to to with heritage.... I Usually date latinos

    I think an average penis size Is around 5-6?

    Source(s): Im a dater
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    the average size is 6.2 according to a national poll that interviewed doctors, i live in thailand btw

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