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What are some good new rock bands?

I am looking for rock bands that aren't very well known, at least, their songs haven't been overplayed by the radio yet. I only know Taking Back Sunday and Postal Service. Does anyone know ANY bands???

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    Kill Hannah



    Red Jumpsuit Apperatus

    The Vincent Black Shadow

    Fly Leaf



    The 69 Eyes

    From First To Last


    Lost Prophets

    Makeshift Romeo (

    Backrive(band frm my hometown

    The Rasmus


    Senses Fail

    As I Lay Dying

    Killswitch Engage

    Amity Lane

    Children Of Bodem

    Alkaline Trio

    The Matches

    Bullet For My Valentine



    Dimmu Borgir

    From Autum To Ashes

    In Flames

    Kotton Mouth Kings

    Motion City Soundtrck

    I just went through and named alot of bands i knew of Kill hannah is fairly new i saw them and cartel and a few others in concert and they are gd so u should rly check them out ummm makeshift romeo is frm ftmyers which is close to where im frm and they are a great band and backrive well im friends with them and they are just plain gd

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    Led Zepplin, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones...get with the program chump

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    i suggest you visit type in those bands you like then they would create a station playing similar or sounds like those you've wanted.... makes you discover more artist and music of your type... great site....

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    the scoops from toronto

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