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is this normal???

the biggest responsibility in my life is to care fore my mother, who is a widow. the second is to try to be a good bf for my gf who has depression, because of these i feel sort of depressed- like i can't make my life the way i want to be. i love my mom and my gf but they are lonely, sorta dark people. so recently i met this girl, who is beautiful and intelluctual and very innocent. i think i fell into love not with her, but the dream of being with someone like her. she kinda liked me back but has a bf. is it normal to like someone so quickly? did i feel this way only as a means of escape?

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    i think u r an important one in ur life too and its time u get out of the depression ur people put u into i say if u see a way with that gurl u leave ur gf for her so u can b happy too stay with ur mother thats 4 sure and keep friends with ur gf which will b ur exgf, becuz u can't make those to ladies happy and u hav no body to back u up or give u energy to give for the loved ones, i think its time to think where ur happiness is:)

    good luck

    they r both lucky to have ya

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    I think you have answered you own question, in a way. I think you have great insight into your own circunstances.

    Caring for two "dark" and depressed people can be quite a burdon. You need some light in your life. This new girl can't be it and I think you know that, but there are other things, other people who can.

    You can't get another mother, nor can you shirk your responsibility to her. But you might want to rethink you relationship with your GF. Do you really want to care for two women? Do you possibly need some balance in your life which might include a different love relationship?

    I think you really might want to seriously consider whether the GF is right for you. Lots of people seek out and even marry their mothers (fahters). I don't think you need 2 of them.

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    Perhaps this is a case of the grass is greener on the other side. It's not unusual for people in stressful stiuations to try to find some sort of escape, following my father's passing, i thought i fell in love with this guy i was talkin to at the time, later did i realize it was more or less just trying to grasp at something outside the realm of what i was dealing with. Hope it helps.

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    I think you are probably have normal reactions to this new lady as a way of escape for the situation you are currently involved in. If this gets to the point you think it is effecting you daily life, you might want to talk about it to someone.

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    sounds like youre trying to escape your own problems. if youre not happy with your gf then end it but dont bring this other girl into it. if shes happy leave her alone. move on and find someone who will make you happy, unless you still love your gf. you need to work out if you love her or not.

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    Escape maybe, fall in love quickly of course.

  • i think that it would be better for you to go with someone who isn't so dark and depressed, no i think that you just need to get out of that situation, but be careful how you do it, it could hurt her in other ways mentally or physically.

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    Yeah i believe this is because its just you fell in love with her as in your dream girl and you were so excited you were blinded and thought she was "her" your dream girl.

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    You can instantly like people. There is nothing wrong with that. It is only where you take it that can be a problem.

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    yes; you like the fact the you found someone who can take you away from your problems

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