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i want to be on an allstar cheerleading team but i also is on the school cheerleading team.Which one should i?

you see my friend is on an allstar competition cheerleading team and i want to join but i'm on my school cheer squad. we only go to games and i don't know if we're doing competition. i want to be on both but i dont want to overload myself becuz i got school work. What should i do?

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    I don't know follow your heart. you should do the one you think is challenging. but i don"t know what they are but they both have to do with cheerleading(lol). but i advice you to do what you can and don't be scared .

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    Ive been a cheerleader for 4 years and at attempt outs bear in mind u can learn and coach's understand that.purely stretch each night and artwork out and prepare jumps.If u r small attempt working in direction of a heel stretch or scorpion additionally the the previous attempt outs make specific there is not a dress code.The day of attempt outs devour a very good breakfast .in the previous u get to tryouts placed your hair up and if there is not a dress code placed on a very good clean shirt, shorts and athletic footwear.bear in mind be tight and smile and have a very good approach!!!

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    Let me see, allstar cheerleading team, or school cheerleading team? Hmm, I give up, I is stumped.

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    neither cuz cheerleading is boring

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