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i want to get a cell phone? But which kind?

I want to get a cell phone and i want it to be less than 50$ but what is a good kind ? please help

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    it depends? which company provider u want [tmobile, cingular ect.]

    if its tmobile --> u can get [49.99]

    -motorola razr v3 [not the best but decent like any ordinary fone]

    -Samsung t509s - Plum

    -Samsung Trace

    or check their website []

    if its cingular --> u can get

    -Samsung D807 [although its a little bit mor than ur asking price]

    -Samsung D807 White ^^^^^

    -LG CU500 - [$50]

    or go to the cingular website []

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    It's more than $50 but check out the Treo 680 from Cingular

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    it depends on the phone that you want..most companies are giving hte razr for 49.99 for the holidays (that's after mail in rebate) ... sprint got the katana or the razr, or the sam m500(my favorite haha ) for less than 49.99 (still after mail in rebate) try going to the websites..they've got so many phones over 50 bucks...

    the most famous companies websites are listed below

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    Less than 50$?! Good luck with that one.

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    We have Verizon as our carrier, and the LG phone series seem to work out just fine.

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