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Can you build a bass guitar cabinet out of car subwoofers and speakers?


If so how do you do it?

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    Yes. Only problem, is the car audio subs voice coils and surround foam are more laxed than bass amp cabinet speakers. Most bass cabinet speakers have paper surrounds instead of foam, this stiffens the speaker for quicker response time and better sound within a larger area. The voice coil is also tighter wound to do the same type of response. Your car speaker has foam to extend the speaker cone farther to help it produce a larger tone within a smaller enclosed space. The voice coil is more laxed to help it do the same thing.

    So if you use the car speakers, you will have bass sound, but sloppy. If you use the speakers designed for use in the cabinet, you will have a more accurrate sounding cabinet.

    Also, keep in mind that the ohm loads for the car speakers are very different than the speakers that are in the bass cabinet. The car speakers will have a lower ohm impedance. This will cause the amp to run harder to push them, causing the amp to run hotter, causing the amp to shut down when it gets too hot, or maybe even blow an internal fuse. If you do decide to run the car speakers, you will need to bring the ohm load up. To do this, you have to wire the speakers in "series". Take one speaker wire, hook one side to the negative of one speaker, and the other side of the wire goes to the positive of the opposite speaker. The you will have one positive and one negative hook up left on one of each speaker. Hook those up to the cabinet output jack. If you are running more than two speakers, then you have to hook up all the speakers in the same manner, then to the output jack of the cabinet, and then the amp.

    Hope this helps out.

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    The number of subwoofers and speakers you'll need depends on the output you're looking for. For a simple setup, a 15" subwoofer with a couple of 8" mids would be sufficient to handle the bass guitar frequencies. You can even leave out the mids since they're only there to help you with the mid-bass notes. For the enclosure, each sub comes with it's own enclosure measurements, so you'll only need to follow these to get it to sound nice. Also do include proper sound insulation in the enclosure. Finally, you'll also need a amp big enough to power this sub. You might need to connect the guitar output to a high gain input on the amp.

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    Bass Guitar Cabinet

  • Yes.

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    Yes, I can. The better question is; Can you?

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