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how do u no when u have a blood clot?

hi my name is amy and my father was hit by a cop on the leg a couple of years ago and now ever since then he has had a purplish color on hes leg and it hurts him if you squeeze it and it feels like lots of bumps in there and it fells soft. its purple with like polka dots orengish or redish polka dots please answer me with the best wnswer u got plz i dont want it to like get serious or nethin if its a blood clot. does this sound like a blood clot to u??

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    I agree with getting it checked out. More than likely it is a hematoma in the soft tissues...either fat or muscle. This type of clot is NOT mobile and won't travel to the heart or lungs but it can eventually become infected and cause problems. Sometimes they will become 'organized' and develop scar around it and just be a nuisance.

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    I would encourage you to take him to a doctor to have it checked completely. Blood clots are usually warm to the touch and may be red with streaking from the inflammation of the blood vessel.

    This may possibly be an old hematoma but there are many health risk associated with things like this.

    Until you have it checked do NOT mess with it. If it is a clot it can break loose and go to his heart or his brain both of which can have serious consequences.

    If he feels a sharp pain becomes dizzy or short of breathe call 911 or go straight to an ER.

    Either way a qualified doctor should look at this and recommend treatment. This is not something you will want to try at home. There are several treatments available and should help your father.

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    Blood clots usually swell and turn red and they feel hot to the touch. Sound to me like he needs to be checked for diabetes. Depending on how long it has been could be a staff infection. There are a lot of things it could be, he should be treated by a doctor no matter what. It could just be a hemangioma.

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    no it more sounds like a hematoma which is basically a blood blister under the skin which will eventually go down i hit my leg 1 yr ago it set up a big purple bruise with a big knot under it i had a bunch of tests on it checking for a clot it come back normal i still have a dark spot still on my leg and its tender but if your worried about it and get him to go to a doctor

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    You will have to so much defiantly see a medical professional as quickly as feasible! If you have been pregnant and are miscarrying there's a danger that you just had a "incomplete" miscarriage wherein the fetus isn't fully expelled from within you. That may end up in critical contamination!

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    well it very well could be,My aunt has had a couple of blood clots in her legs.when one is getting ready to burst her legs will start to ache OR hurt real bad.If he or you thinks it is a blood clot don't wait go the ER it could burst and go to his lung and or hear and kill Him.Take care

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    Have it checked out by a doctor as soon as possible. There's something wrong about that.

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