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My bird's beak if freakishly long. It looks like it could hurt her if its not cut. What should I do?

Its reeeeeally long and thin, and it curled under and it pushing at her chest. What should I do about it? She's a parakeet, if that makes a difference. We have one of thos ethings in her cage that is supposed ot keep it filed down, but she doesn't use it.


Sorry for all of my typos in the question, by the way.

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    You should take it to a Vet that sees birds and have it's beak trimmed. A beak this long has to have impaired it's ability to eat to some degree. You should do it soon and have it weighed while its there to see if there is any weight loss. If so feed it a good commercial diet and also some pellets for parakeets. Always supplement with fresh fruits and vegetables as well. Just remember no Avocado it is poisonous to birds.

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    Don't try to do this yourself right off! I saw an answer telling you to, but if you are inexperienced, you could seriously hurt your pet. :( I would definitely take it to the vet.

    And some birds just don't like cuttlebones. *shrug* My lovebird refuses to touch hers most of the time, so we try to have other things in there (she'll chew on her toys and whatnot).

    Diet is only sort of a factor in beak length. They need things that they can cut their beak down with on their own, seeds and stuff like that (although make sure she still has all the other stuff she needs). I work with birds of prey, and skull bones every once in a while do wonders for their beaks, but occasionally we still have to cope (file) them down. (lol, obviously skulls aren't good for parakeets, i was just giving an analogy type answer.)

    Good Luck! And just try and catch it sooner next time. It's better to be safe than sorry, seeing as how too-long beaks can prevent them from eating, and can cause cracks and other malformations in their beaks that take time and much attention to fix.

    Source(s): Work with Birds of Prey.
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    Take her to an avian veterinarian and have her beak trimmed. Shouldn't cost too much at all (maybe ten dollars tops - if not free).

    What kind of diet are you feeding her? Usually nutritional deficiency has a part in beak overgrowth.

    A diet consisting of seeds is lacking in vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients critical to a bird's health and well-being. Every companion bird needs to be on a nutritionally complete formulated diet.

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    I'd have a vet or a bird breeder trim the bird's bill. Some hookbills have unusually shaped bills because of a genetic defect or old injury that will not trim well on anything and they need to be shaped periodically.

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    You can use dog or cat nail trimmers, but do it carefully, cut little by little and if you start to see blood (obviously) you should stop there,and dab it with a damp cloth. Um lets see, file it to a little bit of a point and that should do it ;) I wouldn't think u would need to take him to a vet, just to get his beak trimmed.

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    she hasent been eating her cuttle bone (stuff there supped 2 eat so there beaks dont over grow)and when there beaks over grow and it gets 2 big then they would be able 2 eat any more and theres nothing u can do but i think before it gets 2 big, i think u can take it 2 the vet or local pet store to fix it. Well GOOD LUCK!!

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    I'd say take to a vet. Maybe she doesnt like the thing in her cage..should try another flavor perharps. Or another thing is giving her toys that she can trim her beak. Anyways... go to vet, they'll know.

    Source(s): I have budgies and parrots
  • there is a stone like thing that hangs on the cage 4 their beaks ask a petstore person

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    Take it to the vet and have them trim, cut, or whatever they can do for it. They will know what 2 do!

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    its this thing for birds called a cuttlebone i think and its filled with calcium..Um its for birds so they can chew on it :P to keep their

    beak short and not to pointy. You can get it from the pet store! (p.s its white)

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