My best friend became my roomate and this has been one hell of a ride for the past 4 months! HELP!?

ok, so my best friend and i of 6 years now..I bought a house this summer and she is 19 and had a baby. I love that baby to death she is like a niece to me! She started seeing this guy that was working on my house (a friend of a friend,etc.) They slept together after meeting once or twice and the third time got trashed and slept together in my new house, i didnt care personally that she was sleeping with someone, just how it came about, the baby was there and she was only 2 months old, if that. Well my friend was one of the most responsible, mature, excited about life and very protective and caring for her daughter. She started fighting with her parents when she met this guy who had a gf at the time while he was sleeping with my friend. Since then, she's completely changed, moved in, she's a slob, maxed out on of my credit cards, broken tons of my stuff out of anger. The worst part is is that she hides and lies so much these past 3months. She lets her kid sit in a diaper for hours on..


she lets her daughter cry all the time, i'll come home from work and the baby will be in my room w/the door closed, in a soaked diaper and clothes crying and she's on the other end of the house in her room with her bf, that MOVED in by the way. I found out that her bf did COCAINE in my house and i flipped on both of them because she was well aware of the situation. I ended up talking to her mom, i've had several ppl mention how she cares for her daughter and her mother is already aware of the situation i didnt have to say hardly anything, i just didnt want to be the one to say it to her! she's my bestfriend i care about her and her daughter, but her mom talked to her bc she is concerned and mentioned that i was concerned, and her mentioned having drugs around the baby, now she's PISSED off at me and wants to kill me, i havent seen her bc i've been out and working a lot, but she's pretty pissed. What do i do? I can't 'kick her out since they are moving out next wknd into their new place

Update 2:


She drinks and smokes weed with her new bf about 3-4 times a day because they are buying a bag about twice a week. I spoke to her mom, her mom already was aware of the situation and tried to have a reasonable conversation and show concern and mentioned that others had concern as well, she just instantly got pissed off and thats when i came home and found broken glass all over my new floors and carpets and all i heard was from everyone that she was extremely pissed at me and wanted to punch me in the f***ing face. I have tried mentioning things to her and having talks, she avoids,changes the subject and denys anything that has to do with the new bf. Her and her bf are moving out next weekend, they got an apt together. I just don't know what to do to be perfectly honest, I know when she finally talks to me, if she does that is, She's just going to ***** at me for "ratting her out or trying to **** things up for her or being 2faced" this is very difficult.

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    I'm sorry you are in this situation. At least she is moving out soon. It sounds to me like she is doing drugs also, especially if she used to be a really good mom and then all of the sudden she doesn't take care of her daughter anymore and leaves her in wet diapers and clothes all day. I know you said she is your best friend and all, but you need to think about the little girl. It sounds to me like, mom, needs a wake-up call. I would talk to your friends parents and try to get a plan together to help your friend, I would also tell her, that if she doesn't start taking care of her little girl, child protective services is going to be called and she will lose custody of her daughter. Maybe grandma and grandpa can take care of the baby for awhile until she gets herself together. Drugs turn good people bad in a big hurry, and it is better to nip it in the butt now, then let it get any worse. As far as her breaking your stuff out of anger and using your credit card, I would make her replace what she has broken and do not give her access to your credit cards anymore. It sounds like you care about your friend alot, and you know how she used to be, I'm afraid something called "tough love" is going to be the way you are going to have to help her. I really, really, think she is doing drugs hun. Good luck in whatever you decide to do. She is really luck to have a friend like you, who cares so much.

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  • this is a really hard situation. (even though this may be so hard to do) tell her the truth. tell her everything that she's been doing. maybe she doesn't see it as you do. if she doesn't change soon, it's her baby that will suffer. tell her how it will effect her life and her baby's. don't yell at her, because then she'll just get mad too. it also sounds that it's her new boyfriend that is basically influencing her. you should bring up pointers about him too. i hope things get better.

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    oh honey,you never really know anybody until you live with them.It also sounds like your friend is on drugs.tell her to fly right or she will be outin the street and that you will contact DYFS and ask for temporary custody of the kid that she is plainly neglecting.

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    well it's your best friends fault she should be the one who should be apologizing not u =/

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    report to the police... and ask the priest.

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