any physciatrists here? can u plz help??????

even though my parents are seperatde my dad is always calling my mom asking her

where she is what she's doing who she's w/ and who's at home w/ her and i don't think my mom likes it either but she won't stand up for herself she feeds his need to control which she pretty much has done all her life well when she was living w/ him i understand cuz he cud get violently angry (he has a huge scary *** temper even ppl older than him get **** scared and no kids like little him) and he also does this w/ me and i wanna be free of him 4ever i feel like cryin sumtimes and feel suffocated and trapt a lot cuz of it he hardly would let me do anything (i don't know even if my mom will let me have normal amount of freedom lyk normal parents cuz she might get afraid of him) if u have a control freak parent then u know how i feel and soon my cuz is cumin so i'm gonna be hanging out w/ her but he might stop tht (specially sine she's the only 1 who sees him 4 wut he relly is so how do i break free and break contact w/o getting **** 4rom fam i'm not aggresive hes ruined me persoanl

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Hopefully, your mom is getting some therapy to empower her, it would do you well to get some too. Hopefully, since they are separated, that will solve the problem. If he is harassing her, she should get a restraining order against him to make it illegal for him to contact her in any way ... you may also be able to get one as well if he is harassing you and making you feel threatened.

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