what are the chances?

maybe things in the mideast never settle and North Korea and Iran both get nuclear weapons. Will we see mass nuclear war in our lifetimes?

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    yep....count on it with irans leaders..who are backed by russia and china by the way...iran will start some crap with israel, we will go to their aid..then china will take the countries it wants in southeast asia and taiwan and russia will take back the small eastern european countries that broke away..and we will be bogged down in the middle east and pressured by both russia and china to do what they want ....by the way,,did you know china already controls the panama canal through one of its "international" companies..?? this severly restricts our ability to have free flowof supplies and troops, ships, etc from atlantic to pacific...in essence,, we are being set up right now...

    if people think we can use diplomacy or negotiate our way out of this...then they are wishing for america's demise...these countries are pushing their agendas, and america is so dammed "culturally diversive" and politically correct for the other guys that we will soon become a third world nation....

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    Nuclear "Wars", I doubt it. But there will be Nuclear Warheads fired in our lifetime. N Korea, they just wont be able to make a full powered Nuclear Warhead and get it 75 miles away from their country. And if/when they attempt to launch it as an act of war, you know that S Korea, Japan, and the US (Maybe France and England also). So N Korea; I dont really see them as a threat, to the US anyways. And w/ Iran, theyre just plain not smart enough to build a fully capable nuclear arm of reaching the USA, let alone anywhere else. And if they did somehow; they would have the US, Britain, Israel, and Canada, and most likely France, Germany, and Italy up there @sses along w/ other countries probably.

    But remember; these Nuclear Wannabees wont ever be able to get a Nuke to the US, at the VERY most at incredible odds they might be able to get one to somewhere around Hawaii if they got extremely lucky; but thats it. And after that, they have the US sitting here w/ over 10,000 Nuclear Warheads launching right back at them and hitting every target dead on across there country.

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    1 decade ago

    Kim is capable of pretty well anything.

    Iran would never fire a nuclear warhead. It's just that one day there would be a mushroom cloud where Tel Aviv used to be, and the dreamy-eyed among us will look on it as a police homicide matter, not to mention the conspiracy-theory nuts having a field day.

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    I hope not but anything is possible these days. Some people believe that the events that happened on 911 was carried out by our own government so who knows if the U.S would detonate a nuke somewhere in the U.S. and blame another country which will start the war.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I honestly don't think countries with nuclear technology are building them solely for the purpose of using them. I believe they are used as bargaining chips and as a pressure mechanism for the big countries like the US and Britain to recognize and deal with them. Sort of a validation to sit at the big kids table...

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    if we piss them off bad enough. which is a good reason to get bush the heck out of there. i think a lot of it is bargaining tools. they are scared of us (korea anyway) if we can get a good president in office that will befriend them (so to speak) and calm their fears and assure them we aren't going to invade i think that things would calm down a lot. i think bush makes them very nervous. i think we just need a president with really good foreign affair policies.

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