Why did Reverend Dimmesdale not reveal his identity earlier?

Why did he not reveal his sin to the community earlier? Wasn't it Hester who wanted to protect him?

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    Hawthorne loves to create complicated problems for well-meaning Puritans. Dimmesdale knows he has sinned against Hester, and wants to confess, but his own cowardice prevents it. How horrible: village pastor forced to hide behind the skirts of the protagonist who receives the full force of the punishment and scorn of the village. Dimmesdale is supposed to lead his flock and set an example of holiness, but he ends up tormented and revered by the townsfolk, who take his self-deprecation as a sign of his worthiness to be their pastor instead of a confession of his guilt. It's a good read, and it really makes you think about walking the talk...

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