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how long would i have to exercise to burn off four small muffins?

i am such a pig

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    How many calories were they? Here is a chart to help.

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    You need to know how many calories they contained...and then figure out how many calories per hour you can burn when doing a particular activity...that's how you determine how long it would take to burn off the calories consumed.

    Go ahead and go for a 30 min or so brisk walk, just to knock out at least some of them, if you choose not to calculate what it would take more exactly.

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    If there are 4 muffins burnt onto your stove, getting in there and scrubbing them off should teach you to keep an eye on your oven timer.

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    how long would it take to burn off 10 pancakes?

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    come on its four small muffins! it won't hurt you!

    haha.. four small muffins..

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