auto loan approval???

how long do you need to be in a job before qualifying for an auto loan? if you only have fair or good credit history.

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    Depends on the dealership in which your buying the car from, and how much the finance managers knowledge of loan approvals. If you find a good dealership you can have horrible credit, no money, no job, and no co signer and still get a car almost instantly. There are a lot of finance managers that work for dealerships that have a hard time getting approvals because of their lack of experience, and-or relation sips with banks. So a good way to find one of these dealerships is 1st, despite the negative connotation around highway stores, there are some that are very reputable, so try to stay with highway stores, because they are bigger and more profitable, they can attract some of the best players in the car industry. 2nd ask how long the finance manager has been in his current position and at that store, you want at least 2 years, and how long he or she has been a finance manager, you want at least 10 + years. 3rd have a plan, go into the dealership with how much you want to put down, what car you want, and what is your reasonable walk out deal, and if your deal doesn't work, simply walk out. But be reasonable, if you are reasonable the dealership will jump through hoops to earn your business, but also remember to be firm.

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    Do you qualify for membership of a credit union? They have caved out a niche in the auto loan market. You'd most likely need to be a member for at least six months and they'd want to see some responsible saving in that time. My local credit union also has a first-time buyer program to approve otherwise ineligible borrowers at slightly higher rates (but still much better than the dealership). It comes with a few restrictions but they are no big deal.

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    With fair to good credit history, you can probably get an auto loan anyplace. You may have to pay a higher interest rate if you have been in your job less than a year.

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    Depends. If you have a new job in the same industry, just changed jobs, most lenders consider that continuous employment. If you are changing careers or didn't have any job before then it matters. It is only one factor among many to consider. The higher the interest rate you are wiling to pay, the less it matters.

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