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Did any of you get Headaches while Pregnant?

Ok, I am 11.5 weeks pregnant, and for the past few days I have been getting some serious headaches. I take a tylenol and it goes away..but a few hours later...they come back. What could this be? Is it a bad sign? Please help.

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    Yes i do get headaches.I am 28wks pg and i have headaches more of the time than i dont.

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    I have been having that same problem as well since early in my pregnancy but Tylenol doesn't work for me, So my doctor prescribed Tylenol 3 with codeine and it works great. Its just hormones that cause are headaches and even though they hurt like hell. They are normal. So no it is not serious ask your doctor or even call the office and talk to one of the nurses I pretty sure they will reassure you it is nothing and they may even tell you of ways to over come them with out medicine.

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    I'll have headaches for days and days. I'll only take a tylenol one day for a headache, and only once. I don't like taking much more than that, even if they say it's safe.

    It seems to be headaches during pregnancy are just something you might have to put up with.

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    Tylenol is fine when you're pregnant. You may have headaches due to large hormonal surges and shifts, as well as an increase in your blood pressure. If you're ever at a pharmacy and they have one of those blood pressure machines, take it and see where your numbers are.

    I got killer headaches when I was preggo.

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    I think every pregnant woman goes through this at one point in pregnancy. It will pass. Tylenol is okay for a little while, but try your best to mix it with natural remedies - low lights, low noises, aromatherapy, and waiting it out.

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    you do realize that your baby takes in everything that you take in and rather or not doctors want to admit it, tylenol is bad. I refuse to take any pain relievers or any drug actually, other than birth control.

    Ask your doctor for vitamins to help, and eat more nutrious stuff...

    I get migraines and I put up with them....and migraines are headaches times 100 million....

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    Headache is a pain in the head, scalp or neck. Headaches can be

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    serious reasons like head injury, brain tumors, encephalitis and

    meningitis. Taking painkillers continuously can have harmful side

    effects, so it is better to modify your lifestyle. More information

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    Yes , what i know to have serious headaches when ur pregnancy its a bad sign, one Nurse told me that "this is the lack of blood "

  • Headaches are common. It has to do with the hormones. Drinking more water and taking more naps is what helped me through.

    They will probably go away as the hormone levels regulate and your body gets used to them.

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    I got terrible migraines try ice pack on your eyes and forehead I never took any tylenol for fear it would hurt the baby

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