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Why don't people take the time to look up some of these answers themselves on the Web? It's not difficult.

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    Some people are just so lazy that they need someone else to do it for them.

    I've seen some pretty pathetic questions on here that only a click of the mouse will give them the answer on the Internet!

    Let's all give these lazy people a big group hug :-)~

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    Is not social interaction more desired.

    As humans we've created an environment of solitude due to technology. In this realm I would much prefer direct comments, and answers from people, than from a people invented machine generated source. People need people, like ants we are social creatures by nature. Helping others also helps in bolstering our own self esteem. Watch the ego though it can run away with itself if not restrained by truth.

    Knowing this site, I can usually get a clear answer within an hour or so, without having to do any more than ask. I can also aquire more options, as the less prominent answers do give alternative points of view to the question. As well the derogitory answers reassure me that Ignorance is not bliss, and denial can be sad but comical.

    Others may be lazy, or want someone else to do their homework for them. Some have no time to search a topic and get 568,762 pages of material to sort through to find an answer that may be out of context, or better yet, get to the very last page and discover they had a typo and were reading the wrong material, thereby wasting three days research to find out if a house fry sleeps.

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    It may seem as though they are being lazy, but why do we have teachers? Sure we can learn a lot from the web, but often times we do need that connection to another person, or we appreciate the opinion of another. I've asked a question on here that I could find the answer to, and have tried, but I want a better answer, or would like to see what others think of the question. It's human nature to wonder what others think.

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    I've thought about that but not everyone is very net saby and it's just faster for them to ask since there may be someone out there that knows the answer of the top of their head.

    Also allot of people are lazy. But I've wondered the same thing sometimes

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    Sometimes people like the feeling of having a connection to another person. They may just be lazy or are looking for the opinions of others.

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    Because many people look not for truth, but rather for validation of their own beliefs. Witness the number of anti-Bush and anti-faith statements as well as incoherent statements which masquerade as intelligent questions here.

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    Not all people are web-savvy.

    Some just want to chat & exchange ideas.

    Some are just ... well ... silly. But, that's OK.

    If everybody looked up everything we wouldn't have must to talk about would we?

  • Because if they did, I would not have been chosen as "Best Answer" as often as I have.


    I agree with you, but some people truly do not have the knack for web searching.

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    I agree with u

    but sometimes people are not familiar with other search sites I guess

    and sometimes people are just plain lazy

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    I guess the same reason why you took the time to ask this question, instead of using your common sense!

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