My iPod won't charge!?

My stupid ipod shuffle wont freakin charge... its making me mad. I've done everything i'm supposded to, but when iunplug it to hook in my ear phones, its goes dead after about 10 seconds after being on. help? what can i do?


i just got it...its not i can download songs, but i cant listen to it, because i cant get it to charge...

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    iPod has a lethium battery which works just for about 500 cycles.

    *If yours is less then that, then i would ask you to ask with the customer care executives at iPod Galleries to check the actual fault!

    *its possible, there are loose contacts with battery & the device circuit!

    *Check the troubleshooting manual in CD provided with iPod.

    *Most possibaly~ Battery life is over, Needs a replacement .

    If its bought within an year b4, u will get a free battery replacement!

    Good Luck!


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    This is determined by from in which you purchased the iPod and chager. If both used to be made in a questionable or non-autorized reseller, possibilities are that both might be false. Otherwise, it might simply be compatibility issues with the Korean charger (Korea makes use of another outlet wattage). Be cautious, as batteries can certainly blow up (simply appear it up). If all else fails, have any person take a appear on the iPod, preferrably a professional. If he/she unearths no obstacle with the iPod, then simply purchase a brand new wall outlet charger from Apple. If or else, continue with the obstacle via both getting a brand new iPod or having yours constant. Good success.

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    Make sure it's pluged in the back of computer, if it is and still not working. There is something else at itunes store that u can plug into the wall, and it would charge it. good luck.

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    if its like two years old then the battery is dead that mean it wont charge anymore and u have to replace the battery on it

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