pc decktop help plz?

hi i have a old compaq evo desktop.. i want to add memory. i have only 256mb i want to add about 2gb i need to know if i can do this i have 3 slots for the memory chips. one is being used by the 256mb, so i have 2 slots open. i have a smsc intel mother board. how do i know how much memory i can add? i dont have the manual and the intel site will not tell me and the support people are closed ontill monday (need to know the info right now). one more question i have 3 slots so i can hold 3gb? if i had 2 then 2gb?if i had 4 slots then 4gb? is that how it works? thanks you for your time.

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    hey buddy ,

    RAMS come in various sizes

    256mb 512mb 1 GB 2 GB

    so its upto you what size you use :)

    first of all...your pc is quite old..seems liek its pentium 3 (i can sense it :P:P) , to begin with , you will need a SDR ram stick , and geting 4 GB is almost impossible for that or even 2 GB cuz its not made these days , the max you can find in one stick might be 512 or so.., even if you find one , it wont be of a GREAT help , remember if you want it for gaming or other processing ,your PROCESSOR NEEDS TO BE FAST , having excessive ram after a certain amount ( on tomshardwareguide.com it says 1 GB) is useless!

    IF INCASE you have a Pentium 4 , just take your pc to a private computer shop , and the pc whiz over there will inspect it , rather than you wasting time on it , OR you can download everest home edition (free software) and then go to motehrboard---->spd it will tell you what PC bus having .bla bla , and take the information , that will give you enough info on waht ram u need to buy

    hope this helps XD

    Source(s): worked at a computer shop :) (my advsie get a new PC assmebled will be cheaper and it will work for another 3 years or so :)
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    Go to the Intel web site, look up your mobo's specs.

    It will tell you if your board is capable of supporting 2 gigs. Personally, I doubt it can, old machines weren't even aware you could put in more than 768 megs of RAM.

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    I would strongly suggest that you obtain a newer computer rather than trying to upgrade this one if you need more memory.

    Even IF the MB would hold the amount you want, it is quite possible that the BIOS may not be able to "recognize" more than 1GB, if that much.

    Save the older machine to use for the things it can handle. (I still use older DOS systems with only 16MB RAM for some things!!)

    Source(s): retired programmer
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    yes this is how it works and you may add as much RAM you want BUT they will have to be in the same BUS SPEED without it.. it will make for you conflicts and your pc would go crazy :)

    so you must test them one by one when you added them so you can be sure that your pc takes them all.. without any fractions

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