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Are there any married couples here interested in meeting up?I have questions about sexual things and I need...

I need answers to it coz I feel like my hubby is asking too much already. You can email me, its about him asking for swinging, 3some and things


not really meet up but just to get intouch and get to know other married couples

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    If swinging is right for you, than you'll know it. It has to be something you both want to do. For us, we both had fantasies that required more than two people to fulfill. We've been swinging for years now and are happy as can be. We had a great relationship when we started, and we have an even better one now.

    But, swinging isn't for everyone, that is why only about 2% of the population does it.

    For some really good, objective advice, check out The Swingers Board (link below)

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    Your hubby is asking for this... sounds like you're not totally on board with the idea. Maybe I'm old fashioned but the whole scene sounds like a bad idea to me. I know that for some, this works but most of the people I have talked to who have gotten into this type of thing haven't been real satisfied with the results. Let's face it, we live in a culture that preaches monogomy. Granted, that's not what always happens but it is something that most of us agree is a good goal. My guess is that if you start down this road, one of you is going to end up getting hurt. It's too easy to hurt your spouse without intending to and I would imagine introducing this level of complexity into your relationship could create some volatility. If I were getting this type of request, I think I might be looking into what's wrong with the marriage. Are the two of you bored with each other? If that's the case, there are more healthy avenues for introducing some excitement. Swinging isn't going to bring any additional intimacy to your relationship -- just the opposite, I would imagine. But then again, you might be one of those uncommon couples who can make stuff like this work. But if that's not the case, I would look into some counseling.

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    my ex-wife got jealous of the other woman in our threesum. it took many discussions to convince her that i gave, to the best of my ability, equal attention. i wouldn't encourage anyone to try multiple partners for that reason.

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