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Expecting period on the 14. Had sex on the 7th. If I am pregnant, do I see the first month's period?

Hi. I am new here.

I want to know something. I am expecting my period 14th of December. If i have sex with my husband on the 8th of December, do I still have a chance to be pregnant? Or is it only possible to be pregnant on the evolulating times (2 weeks before period).

And if let's say i am pregnant, do I still see my period on the 14th and then next month's of January 14 i don't see? Or does it suddenly stop my period on the 14th of this month when i'm expecting? I am very un-knowledgable about this issue, since i never imagined having a child in my life!

please help!

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    Sounds like you need to learn about your body/cycle. I recommend you look at as it has just about everything you would want to know about your cycle. It is empowering to know about your body whether you want to become pregnant or avoid it. (would still recommend contraception if you want to avoid it, in addition to knowing your most fertile/least fertile times)

    Now, to answer your question - yes, your period should arrive about 14 days after you ovulate assumming you are not pregnant and you have an average cylce length of 28 days. Day 1 is first day of your period, day 14 is ovulation. Sperm live ~ 2 - 4 days once deposited but the egg only lives ~ 24 hours. So, your most fertile time is ~ the 4 days preceding ovulation and then the day of ovulation. So, if you had sex on the 8th, that would be day ~ day 23 of your cycle and your most fertile days in theory would have been ~ Nov 26-30 (days 10 - 14).

    Following your fertile signs (basal body temperature, cervical mucous) will give you a much better idea as to when you actually ovulate in your cycle.

    Now, if you ovulated late this month, you could be pregnant, but if your periods are as regular as they sound (since you seem to know when to expect them), then you will probably not be pregnant and should expect your period on ~ dec 14th. If it doesn't come by dec 21st - take a pregnancy test.

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    Anxiety can certainly have an impact on intervals, as can alterations in events and lond distance flights. Periods aren't like clockwork and will also be disrupted at any factor in a lady's lifestyles, regardless that it's specially typical from the a while 14-25. Personally, I've had cycles which were 28 days and different 'random' cycles of three months or extra. The health care provider has continually simply mentioned that that is ordinary and to not fear; The bruise would point out anaemia, which would even be involving intervals. She will have to make certain she is getting adequate iron.

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    you will most likely not see your period! your cycle usually stops immediately after your body realizes it is pregnant.

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    It is unlikely you will get pregnant, but not impossible.

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