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Divided We Fall? Shouldn't we "FIGHT TO UNITE"?

Far left and far right make up only 15% of the American populas. Yet they determine the direction and the dis-harmony amongst us. Does anyone else see a problem here? and where will this leave us?


Thank you leah.

Honorable, I know that both the far right and far left have that agenda. but as far as the government being behind 9/11? Simply a left wing plot to divide as they're thirst for power knows no bounds.

The far right has a similar agenda yet I don't believe they would stoop as low.

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Chaotic I couldn't agree more. When the gloves are off we must unite for the sake of American lives.

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Ruth you make a valid point. Yet at what cost. I do not know the answer to the cost. I'm not sure I'm willing to take the chance to find out the cost by arguing our current path with a lack of unity. I'm afraid we may choke on our own freedom.

Update 4:

FUNCTIONA>>>Very well put. Though I hate to agree with you on your doubt that we have the resolve to unite I must also consent that your opinion may very well be true. You hit the nail on the head as to the weakest link within our own society and thus illistrates the limited strength of our chain. The "greatest generation" was far superior to the current generation due to they're experience of "going without" as the Chinese, North Korean's, Iranian's, and much of the Muslim world currently do. I fear another Cold War is on the horizon and the our positioning in respect to our ability to fight this Cold War lies with the leadership of the Iraqi government and ultimately what type of government ends up in power there. It is crucial that a Democracy rises out of the ashes there as this would be the Iranians worst nightmare. Thus weakening our opposition's footing in the coming Cold War.

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    Actually, I don't think they determine the disharmony amongst us. I think, among the remaining 85%, the rampant, appalling lack of interest, involvement, and education about both historical and current events shaping the world, and our role in them, determines the disharmony. It also leaves the way open for people who have money and power to make up the minds of the 85% for them.

    Fight to unite? I doubt we have enough common ground anymore. As a nation, we have many goals, both short and long term, but end up fighting each other over how to achieve them.

    Americans have gotten pretty selfish. We all want our own interests to be protected, even if it means other people's needs go begging.

    We're at a turning point in this country, I think. Americans spent more money on Halloween than we did on the November elections. We spend more money and time on sports than we do on education. We're more worried about how good we look in our status-symbol cars than we are about the environment. We care more about Britney and Paris than we do about genocide in Darfur. We're more concerned about what we own than we are about where it comes from, how it was made, mined, or traded. We've lost touch with the rest of the world in too many ways.

    Other nations are poised to ascend to super-power status; their people are hungry and driven in ways that we've forgotten how to be. They care about science and knowledge, and they support those pursuits. They want what we have. We want it too, but we seem to have forgotten what made it possible. We're more concerned with consumption, religion and self-righteousness than we are with hard work, knowledge, and each other. I'm afraid it will leave us, in the expanding global community, a nation in decline.

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    Oh God, it is so transparent to me now. Even while you consider the President is creating a HUGE mistake which might be sinking our nation into ridiculous debt, costing hundreds of lives, burning diplomatic bridges and destroying our international credibility underneath questionable ethical standards we must simply pass "..good..he is the president so adequate we could provide him the entire cash and assets he demands." Thanks. I can not feel I did not get that earlier than. By the best way, will you think the equal while a political philosophy you do not trust is in energy? Sure, of path you're going to. You're all approximately team spirit. ************* To be critical despite the fact that, this is a drawback of either side. There is such a lot venom now that not anything can get performed. Both aspects have to swallow a few delight and honestly get their arms soiled in combination. We have to determine a strategy to finish this gridlock and begin looking to resolve a few issues. *************** I learn the reproduction of the column and I disagree with it is premise. Looking beyond the truth that it is vitally self serving the truth of the problem is that it's your accountability in a democratic society to make your emotions identified while you disagree along with your govt. It is among the important standards that our nation is based on. It's the purpose we grew to become a country. I felt that this warfare was once mistaken and erroneous from the opening and has turn out to be a fair larger crisis than I ever even imagined it might be and I won't take a seat again and simply clutch onto the perception that "he's the President and he is aware of quality" even as he sinks increasingly troops and increasingly moneya and assets into Iraq even as raping the charter at dwelling and extra villafying us in inside the global group with definitely no experience of responsibility. It is my accountability as an American to be relevant while I consider my govt is behaving incorrectly. I'm certain you could have lots to mention if the tables have been reversed as I'm certain Mr. (was once it Sullivan) could. Is it a 2 approach road? Was attacking the president a sin while Bill Clinton was once president?

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    Differ on the social issues. Unite for the fights of war.

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    I agree that we should unite in terms of a common enemy--radical Islam, perhaps-- but I disagree with the rest of your hypothesis.

    There has been two radically opposing views since the beginning of our nation. Anyone heard of anti-federalists v. federalists? Still the same controversy, btw.

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    The fight should be for something that ought to be non-controvercial... 100% "count EVERY vote" elections. It's as 'merican as apple pie. But if that happened the Repukes know THEY would be the permanent minority. Down with Dictator Dumbya!!!

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    This leaves us to respect each other and work together! I love your slogan! FIGHT TO UNITE! I am with you!

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    Right now we need to unite to fight. I don't disagree with you.

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