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What do people think of this society..?

In this book i read, they have perfected bio-engineering as well as computer and robotic technology. Basically they rewire every persons genes to be perfect. they dont change the persons mind, just enhance their physical abilities. Then they wirelessly connect every human mind to a super computer which acts as the government and makes the fairest decisions possible based on the thoughts of every last human being. People in this society are free to do whatever they want except hurt other people. You can think about hurting others, but if you actually attempt to hurt another person the super computer kills you. I think this would be a perfect society and would be the only possible way for the human race to survive. what do you think???

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    I think that with the sinful nature of mankind and certain inherited tendencies to do wrong, inevitably these urges would surface and those who were disposed to commit evil acts would scheme and find a way to do so.

    These very things happen in our society today. With every security system that is invented, someone always finds a way to get around it.

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    Obviously if a person is put in a self defense situation, the aggressor would be zapped by the central computer first, so there would be no need for any resolve. Whats missing here is the inevitable. Those that create or maintain this gargantuan electric god can aspire to control the controller and hence, control the world. It has always been certain men's desire to do so. This would just make it easier to accomplish. That would be my greatest fear! The computer is vulnerable to men.

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    yeah, that would be great!


    What happens when someone is put into a self defense situation that he has to hurt someone to save himself or his family, and the computer cannot recognize the difference.

    You would already need to live in a perfect society for that technology to be programed infallibly, and in a perfect society that technology would be obsolete.

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    your society is missing a key element that would make it human, free will. God's plan is perfect.

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