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Where's the best place to go to get good stock information?

Yahoo finance doesn't seem to be the most trustworthy source. The SEC site edgars is too complicated. Major figures appear to differ on every site that I seem to go to. I've been looking through google finance, morningstar,, value line, yahoo finance, ect. Is there anywhere where the facts are 100 percent up to date and correct?


Also, I want the site to be free.

Update 2:

Even the freeegar' site costs money.

Update 3:

Ever since I saw this site, "Mad Money" has lost its credibility.

Update 4:

Its also okay to name sites that isn't free, but mention that it isn't along with your answer.

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    Unfortunately, the amount of data that is being published does lead to inconsistancies in the data.

    For what I consider to be reasonably accurate data I rely on Standard and Poors reports which are available for free at most on line brokerage sites if you have an account. Unfortunately, the reports are more comprehensive for larger companies than for smaller.

    Edgar is the best source for the offical company filings. I admit they do require a great deal of wading to use, but consider it a challenge.

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    Why do you want the information? For fun, for school, for your job, or for investing? If it's for fun or for school, any site will do. It doesn't have to be so trustworthy, just roughly accurate.

    If it's for your job, your company will pay for the research.

    If it's for investing, why would you ever trust a free site? Information costs money, and if you're investing even $5,000, the difference between good information and bad information could be thousands of dollars per year.

    No site has 100% up to date and correct facts, because those facts are mostly supplied by the companies themselves, or analysts who are working for investment banks that want business from these companies. There are serious inherent, systematic conflicts of interest at every level of the finance industry. I know, because I'm part of it.

    Every website is going to have different figures, because they calculate things, particularly earnings, differently. The best you can look for in a website is consistency: if the use the same methodology to analyze each company, they should be wrong by roughly the same amount each time. Even if they're wrong, however, you can use that consistency to your advantage.

    Or you can do what you're supposed to do, which is access the annual reports and read them yourself. You'll need training in accounting and finance, of course (an MBA is preferable, but undergraduate accounting is fine). It's a lot of hard, tough, boring work.

    But the real question is, why would you invest thousands of dollars in companies you know nothing about? Would you buy a house online without ever physically taking a looking at it? Or buy a car you've never heard of or seen before over the Internet?

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    you could no longer beat the television and CNBC for real-time insurance in the process industry hours. I watch Bloomberg television over the internet for the London and ecu open. That stated, the information is often after the fact, and easily solid for history tips and methods, no longer for certainly putting trades real-time. If it have been that user-friendly, we'd all be prosperous.

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    cnbc tv station business reports for the day

    every hour a different business perspective

    my favorite is "Mad Money"

    but all the shows are good..

    up to you what you do

    and all.. advise at your risk..

    i just find "mad money" amusing

    the others are very serious

    they call a broker for good reason.. i didn't make a cent off any of their advice last weeks trades..

    this weeks tip was Chevron chv up to you what you do and City Finance.. personally i make money on the diversity..and group of 5 diverse...and rotating..

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    You get what you pay for.

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