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How do you treat a fever sores that are on your tongue?

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    eeewwww! Go to the doctor my friend, and I wouldn't kiss a soul until you find out what to do.

  • You may not have a fever sore on your tongue. You may just have what they call a map tongue or demographic tongue. These little sore flair up when something irritates your tongue, such as salty foods, spicey foods,smoking or even alcohol. Any dentist will tell you that there is nothing you can do about them except let them go away and try to stay away from things that make them flair up.

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    You can try an over the counter product called Glyoxide. It foams and clean the sore. You really can't do much else, if you want you can try a mouthwash called Peroxyl. Try to stay away from acidic and salty foods which will irritate it and hence prolong the healing process.

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    You don't get fever sores on your tongue!!!

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    try mixing maalox with benadryl liquid in a half and half solution, swirl it around in your mouth and then spit it out. The maalox makes the benadryl stick to the little blisters and numb them. If the blisters do not clear in a couple of days see a doctor!

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    your dentist might be able to give you some creams or gels, but those never really worked for me, so i just learned to live with them.

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    try rincinol from drugstore works wonders . use as directed it is very safe

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