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What is the quickest and easiest way to lose 10 lbs in 30 days?

I am having trouble losing these extra 10 lbs I gained. I try to work out whenever I can, but it is so hard. I have tried so many fad diets; Atkins, South Beach, Weight Watchers, but nothing works! HELP!

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    Well you said you work out whenever you can. So that probably means that you are not being as consistent as you need to be to get the results you want. You need to amp up your exercise routine. If you are walking thirty minutes a day for exercise try running instead for thirty minutes. You will burn alot more calories in the same amount of time. Just make sure that you start slow and build a couple of minutes each day so that you don't burn yourself out. Also, try drinking more water. Cut out junk food. Eat more vegetables and fruit. I hate cooking so I would always grab junk food but I have discovered that you can go to the supermarket and buy a box of frozen seasoned vegetables, pop them in the microwave for 5 minutes and you have a quick healthy meal. Tuna also comes seasoned now in easy to open packages, that is another healthy alternative and it is a protein so you will feel full longer.

    The main thing is that you have to be committed to making this a life change or you will always find yourself in the same situation. Don't just go for quick results. Try to make healthy choices whenever possible and set up achievable goals. Hey, if you only lose 2 pounds in thirty days that is OK too, at least you are on the right track.

    You can do it without joining a fad diet. Just make eating healthy, drinking lots of water, getting a good nights rest and excercise the most important thing in your life, then everything else will fall into place.

    Good luck!!

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    Atkins is too high in fat.

    I do think South Beach Diet works, if you actually follow it.

    You need to eat good carbs, low fats and good fats, lots of fiber, lean proteins, less refined sugar.

    Importantly also is exercise!! 30 minutes of aerobic exercise a day help a lot. 60 if you are more motivated, will help lose the weight faster.

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    You might think about trying this book called "The Movie Star Diet" by Steve Simmons. It helped me lose thirty pounds in 2 1/2 months when I didn't think anything would work. My goal to begin with was only 20 lbs! It has a really easy plan to follow and an excellent workout as well.

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    Stop dieting!

    1. Eat when you are physically hungry.

    2. Eat what you are hungry for...

    3. Take small bites and chew each bite at least seven times.

    4. Stop eating when you start to feel the "full" signal.

    5. Eat again the next time you get hungry.

    This is the only thing that helped me lose my last few pounds. I had to learn that I could trust my body and not be on someone else's "plan"....

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    Its all about diet an exercise. you have to cut out carbs and sugars stick to proteins and eliminate empty calories from your diet such as chips dips choclates dont drink soda or any high sugar beverages. Also exercise is key bc it will raise the heart rate and that will increase metabolism. if uve been working out try walking on the treadmill for 30mins to an hour on a REALLY steep incline it doesnt stress the body and targets fat its really a great work out ud be surprised to see how much u sweat just by walking

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    In past years I tried every diet known but I couldn't stick with any of them. At last I found success! I use 100% whey protein. Mix with cold water and go. With this I take 2 A-Z vitamins daily. If you feel really hungry add 2 free range raw eggs. I mix the whey w/ 2ggs,splenda and flavor extract of your choice. I add ice and mix all in blender. The ice makes it thick like a smoothy and you get 2 lg. glasses from the one mix. Your body works like a furnuce to burn fat. have every 4 hours. I lost 1-2 lbs a day. It works. Joan

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    Exercise and Healthy eating are the best ways to lose weight, but you have to have the patience and willing and drive to go to the gym or on a long run at least every day. Good luck to you!

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    Cut out soda and sugar. I dropped 10 lbs. in 2 weeks by doing this. I know, its hard to do with all the Christmas goodies everyone puts in your face. Stay away from caffiene too. It dehydrates you causing you to drink more and add unnecessary sugar if you are drinking soda! Water Water Water!!!

    Good Luck!

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    Reduce Sodas and sweets. Drink more water. Walk more. Start an exercise routine in the morning. Eat more veggies and fruits. If you cut out sodas and sweets that will make the biggest difference.

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    Atkins is the easiest. It kills your apetite and burns fat. BUT you get fat later after dieting, fatter than you were before you dieted. More excersize, cut out all sugar and white flour products.

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