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What does "pH balanced" shampoo mean?

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    The pH goes from most acidic "0" to most basic or alkaline "14". Therefore a pH balanced shampoo means that it has a pH of "7" exactly in the middle of the scale. Which means that it is neither acidic or alkaline, but free from that, at 7 pH.

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    Ph Balanced Shampoo

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    What Does Ph Balanced Mean

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    What does "pH balanced" shampoo mean?

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    pH balanced means that they are balanced to the natural acid and alcline levels of your hair and won't therefore corrode or damage your hair

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    It probaoly meand that the pH is 7 and neutrual. It's not acidic or basic. I hope my answer helps also.

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    It is neither too acid or too alkali, so should match your hair.

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