Whats your opinion on Abortion?

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    1 decade ago
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    I am pro-life. I think that abortion is wrong! Its taking the life of some poor helpless child. I think that if women are ready to have sex than they should be ready to be a mother. I also think that if they are going to have sex, they should be responible enough to if they dont want to get pregnant use protection. Its not that difficult. I mean i really feel for the young women out there who were unfortanate to have gotten pregnant or worse raped and are now pregnant, but there is no excuse for abortion. There are other options out there.

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    I think abortion is okay as long as the fetus has not developed association areas (the parts of the brain that control higher thinking, memory, and thought). until then they are not really alive.

    I also think when a woman makes this choice she has reasons whyand no one has the right to tell someone that there reasoning is wrong or to make a choice for them. its no ones business but the womans- maybe the fathers but I'm not sure on how there could br a compromise with that.

    I know that if I got pregnant right now I'd have to have an abortion- all the other options won't work for me and my life.

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    Pro choice.

    Since this is an old, tired and constantly re-hashed issue, I'll re-hash the old and tired argument regarding the loss of innocent life:

    How many innocent lives might have been saved if Hitler's mother would have had an abortion?

    For those that wish to provide the hypothetical reply that someone else would have done the same things he did, then I offer the hypothetical condition that it is entirely possible a fetus aborted 20 years ago could have grown up, become a scientist, and released a biological agent into the atmosphere, killing billions of innocent people worldwide, including babies.

    So much for the hypothetical situations.

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    My opinion is that not enough people understand what the lump of cells removed in most abortions really is when they object to it, especially in comparison to other things.

    If it's against your religion, that's fine. So don't have one. Leave the people alone who see the embryo strictly for what it is empirically, and don't give it more credit for 'life' because of its potential.

    I also find most anti-abortionists to be exceptionally hypocritical, as they oven both favor the death penalty and eat meat.

    And I'm sorry, but the animals killed to be eaten every day by pro-choice and pro-life members alike have more life to them than any baby not born yet.

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    I think that abortion should be legal in certain cases, for example, if it is known that the child would be born with a defect. In other cases, if the mother just doesn't want her baby, instead of aborting she should have the baby and give it up for adoption.

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    Abortion is a complicated issue, and there's no blanket answer. I believe that in some cases it is appropriate, and in others it is not. Many women are a bit uneasy about having a child, and choose to abort, and this is far too arbitrary to be right. On the other hand, there are those living in poverty, those who have diseases like HIV or even severe drug addiction, or who have been the victims of rape, and no doubt a host of other situations we can only guess at. There are some circumstances in which I can see that the nobility of saving a life is outweighed by the mercy of not brining a child into a life of suffering. Personally, I don't believe I could commit such an ill deed, but for the most horrific circumstances, if even then.

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    50/50...no, more like 60/40. I'm disabled and I see it as a necessity in many cases. I don't go whoring around though. Besides, most women who sleep around a lot end up having the babies. Anyways, I have tocophobia. But I think it's a good fear for me to have, since my whole life (and my body, somewhat) is messed up.

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    Abortion is nothing but birth control, period.

    Abortion is the killing and murder and destruction of a God given life.

    One more thing. The women always claim it is their body and they have a right to choose.

    The life a women carries in her body is not hers to do with as she pleases.

    SHE DOES NOT HAVE THE RIGHT to allow the life in her to be destroyed just because she does not want it or did not intend to get pregnant

    wolf. I am ashamed of your answer. Perhaps you should go have your crotch sewed up so you cannot become pregnant.

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    My main opinion is that I wish we'd recast the debate somewhat.

    Unwanted pregnancy is a horrible state to be in, whatever one decides to do about it.

    If the people who claim to oppose abortion wouldn't keep forcing policies that contribute to unwanted pregnancy (anti-abortion people tend to oppose sex education about birth control, and availability of birth control), there'd be fewer abortions, since there'd be fewer females pregnant when they don't want to be.

    Since abortion can't be eliminated (women who don't want to carry a child will find a way), it should be available legally and safely.

    Requiring rape victims to carry the babies to term is cruel.

    Poll after poll has shown that most Americans do not want Roe overturned. I wish the minority would put their efforts into the deeper issue of preventing unwanted pregnancy -- if they truly cared about human life, they would.

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    1 decade ago

    Well this is funny b/c we were just talking about this in class. My feelings towards it go both ways. Im am for it in a sense that if the girl is old enough and has the responsibility she can have an abortion. the other way is that she shouldn't b/c what did that baby ever do to her i mean it didn't ask to be brought into this world!

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    1 decade ago

    For medical reasons it is a must. Rape, Incest, the child has died. There are good reason for abortion. As a way of birth control heck no just tie there tubes and they wont have to worry and we wont have to pay to raise them.

    I chose to have my baby alone as the father walked out and my parents freaked out I was 22 stayed where I could as I was already three month and I would never have given my child up or harm him.

    I know two people (mother and daughter) that had children and were and are the worst parents I have seen. (I have reported both) in the past. They should have given the children up at birth. But they were married so that was not right (there words) the daughter did give them up to the father 2 years after the divorce. Thank good as those children did not deserve that abuse and neglect

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