gpa for admission into phd program?

I am almost done with my MA in international relations and wanted to go on and get a phd in political science. Schools list gpa's for undergrad students looking for a phd, but is it different for students that are coming out of grad school with a MA? Do schools still want to look at undergrad grades, or only focus on grad school work? Also, are master's students given a preference over undergrad students in the admissions process since they already took some grad classes? If anyone has gone from a MA to PhD I would be glad to hear your opinons, thanks.

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    1) As you know, anything under a B spells doom in terms of graduate study. Therefore, a GPA under 3.2 will pretty much discount you in terms of PhD admissions. In my experience, grades between a 3.75 and 4.0 are the norm.

    2) PhD programs will indeed look at your undergraduate transcript. But they will focus more intensely on your graduate work.

    3) Generally, PhD programs have both MA/PhD admissions and PhD-only admissions. They have a certain number of slots open for each. (Most often, there are considerably fewer slots for PhD-only because the department's own MA students usually get preference.) Therefore, MA-holding students are not competing with BA-holding students. The students with MAs are competing only with each other.

    Source(s): I direct a graduate program.
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