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Does an air swirling air insert need a cool air intake or is it just its own seperate part?

I am completely lost when it comes to performance parts for! lol

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    It's a separate part. One is independent of the other.

    I wouldn't waste my money on something like the Tornado or those other inserts unless your vehicle was made before the 1990's. I tried them on 5 vehicles ( they all used the same sized Tornado) and got no improvement whatsoever!!! Did lose gas mileage in a 2004 Chevy Trailblazer.

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    Don't waste your money. Those things are garbage, no improvement at best and minor reduction in performance and economy is possible. Car designers have known all about airflow for a very long time and these crummy ad-ons do nothing worthwhile, Same thing with the magnets on fuel lines. All these things are just a method of separating suckers from their cash.

    Cold air intakes are good.

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    It's meant to be installed into the stock intake.But, do these things really work ?

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