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how can a thirteen year old make money in arizona?

i am thirteen years old and i want to go to a pheonix suns game but i can not get any money. I need a good way to get way to get money as in jobs, stuff to sell>

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    well maybe u could baby sit or clean...

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    Caddy at a Golf Course. You'll make great money, get great exercise, and you'll have an opportunity for a college scholarship as an Evan's Scholar.

    In addition to that, you'll be hanging around influential people that can probably get you into future Sun's games.

    Who knows, maybe you'll caddy for some ex-players.

    This is the right time of year to caddy, as most college caddies are away at school.

    Washing cars is another idea

    I caddied at an exclusive club just a couple of years ago when I was between jobs, and made $100 per day.

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    coming from someone who has lived in Arizona, I'd say find yourself a neighborhood and offer grass cutting. VERY hard work, and it's exactly why it would work. No one wants to cut their grass in the middle of the summer heat.

    It might get a little harder being the cooler season, but I'd just say yard work is the easiest way to get money, but you can't be lazy and you have to work harder. People are more likely to pay someone like yourself than a service as long as your committed and do a good job.

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    Get an allowance (which is like sooooo 11 yr old) Since you are too young to get a job, try babysitting, doing yardwork for the neibors and sell some old clothes. When you turn 14, go find a job at publix. they have great benifeits and they can pay full college tuition

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    Go to Sam's or BJ store and get the fundraiser candy bars and sell them for either a dollar ($1) each candy bar or $2 each candy bar.

    Also talk to your mom about this and let her know that you are goig to be helping out in the house chores to get some allowances.

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    go to Costco, buy Gatorade or other power drink, and sell the drinks to joggers in the bigger parks! :)

    OR, collect some pallets from different local businesses that don't want them, and then sell them for $3-$5 to pallet exchange places, there are quite a few in Phoenix! :)

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    Babysit, sell your toys, do some household chores for your parents and ask for an allowance

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    baby-sitting always works or do odd jobs for you neighbors works too

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