What are the main ethnic groups that have migrated 2 America?

please help me. i have 2 do a 5 paragraph report in history on the ethnic groups migrating to the US in the 21st century


i need details. y did they migrate here, wht kind of ethnic groups are they, wht was wrong back where they lived,ect.

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    Being Native American everyone migrated here!

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    the first group to migrate to america were not mexicans, if you look back in history it was the pilgrims. they left europe because of religious persecution and because europe sent all the people it didn't want to america. (thieves, murderers, etc)

    but if you want some more recent info then yes it is the mexicans because of course mexico is closer and because there is money to be made in america. all the jobs that the "legal citizens" don't want the mexicans will do it as long as they get paid.

    then i would say the group that follows is the asians.

    just remember that immigrants leave their homes because their situation there makes them, be it poverty, lack of work or corruption in their government. if their homeland was good they would not leave it.

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    The first ethnic group that have migrated to the North America, is the Latinos. Mexican mainly.

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    hmm... well, as we all know, mexico has been coming up here for a while now, in the southern states,

    ok. Mexico and East Asia (China, HK, and Taiwan) have the most migrated people. from 2000-2005 mexico had 2,852. east asia had 1160 in 2000-2005

    check out the website here. it has alot of info. as far as the details u want, ull have to google them urself, or look in wikipedia

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    All of them. There isn't a single ethnic group, large or small that is not represented in the US.

    Google Ellis Island for much better answers then you would ever get here. If you want, post your essay here for a little critique!

    Good luck!

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