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How long do you think the United states will remain the worlds superpower?

All things come to an end.(History has proven this again and again) In lieu of "terrorist strikes" and anti-american setiment throughout the world.

when do you think the US reign as the most powerfull nation will be over?




No need to get upset patriots, i'm just a realist looking at the big picture.

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    all superpowers fall, look at the USSR

    we will be a SP for about 4 more years

    Dubya got too greedy

    we will be the strongest nation, just not the big SP we used to be

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    Until we are speaking Arabic and praying to Allah b/c the bleeding heart liberals won't let us kick some real terrorist butt! lol

    Terrorism has been around for a long time, yes, even before the "in your face" 9/11 attack. So has the anti-american feelings all of the countries we've bailed out have for us. None of this is new stuff and our country has gotten through it. I think the fall is going to start within ourselves, starting with the next generation possibly. But that's a whole other can of worms. :o)

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    the U. S. will stay a solitary means for consistent with danger a decade greater. yet China would be a competitor for "super means' status with the aid of then, even now, while you evaluate that's a low-cost juggernaut and better than a million guy status military. we can stay a worldwide means for some time, yet we can't stay the only one for long. We could study from historic previous and not over-enhance ourselves for long classes of time. like the Romans did, or any significant means in the process historic previous, Or we can go through the comparable destiny.

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    as far as "the worlds superpower" I think it will last as long as we are the only ones who stand up for others! We are more like the "worlds police force" and if we were to no longer involve ourselves with the U.N. we would be less likely to be involved with all this superpower talk! If we Get Out of the U.N. we will be a superpower in till the aliens invade form a Galaxy far far away

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    The US gave up it's "superpower" status the day we invaded Iraq. I personally feel our status around the world is at an all time low point. We can make a come back but we need to take a hard look at where we've gone the past 6 plus years.........

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    About as long as we are able to keep borrowing money from China. I figure we will last until our credit card bill comes in. Seriously, we are a strong country and have a lot of money and the biggest resource is human capital. We will do okay until the dollar is removed from the oil market.

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    Who declared the US as the world's super power? Might and greed don't make a nation a super power. They just make for a global bully. Keep making more mistakes in the Middle East and the end will come faster than one could believe.

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    its hard to say, i think china is catching up pretty fast =\

    i'm also not sure i enjoy being in the "super power" , alot of the things we do i'm completely against

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    Not long if we keep shipping jobs overseas

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