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Chicago...has a teaching shortage??

does it need teachers..what is the pay scale?

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    Plainfield school district is one of the fastest growing school districts in the nation. It is in Will county Illinois. They are opening up an average of 3 new schools every year. It is south west about 30 miles from Chicago and has a very competitive pay scale. Visit: for more information.

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    I have two friends who teach for CPS. One has taught for two years on the south side, but he was hired through "Teach for America." The other teaches on the west side, and CPS held her application for almost two years before she was able to get in. I also have a friend who has been in the CPS sub pool for like three years, and she has not been able to secure a full-time position. With such a big school system, I would suggest that you put in your resume, because there may be openings for the Fall. However, I do not think that there is a "shortage" of teachers, or applicants.

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    I just read this in a 2005 article: "...the analysis shows average teacher salaries range this year from a high of $69,600 at Montefiore Special School to a low of $43,700 at Infinity Math and Science Academy. "

    It depends on if you teach at an area full of poverty or an affluent area. It also depends on your experience, of course. I also read somewhere that there is no teacher shortage in Chicago, though there are jobs available, for sure.

  • It need teachers in the ghetto. The pay scale starts in the high 30s for public school with a BA, and low 40s for a Masters, permitted you have no experience.

    I don't recommend the ghetto, unless you like working in the hood.

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