Prioritizing for an Appraisal?

Our home is due to be appraised for a refi in four days. We were in the process of putting in a new stone walkway when I fell on a rock ledge in a park and hurt my shoulder. I've put down about 15 feet of stone, and there's about 15 feet left to go to get to the front porch.

Same week, my husband had surgery and is recovering still.

In addition, both our kids have been sick and unable to be as helpful as normal.

I also have partially tiled the bathroom walls and our laundry room has a new plywood underlayment floor, waiting for me to tile that.

With four days left - should I try to get all the stone walk way finished (it's freezing here....,) the bathroom tile finished, the laundry room floor, or focus on having the house sparkling clean?

I'm the only able-bodied person in my house right now and I can't do it all. When I try to prioritize these, I just feel overwhelmed.

Where would you start? What would you make sure was done, then get to as time permitted?



oops - i only have three days left. My shoulder is better, tho it will hurt again after I place more stones. (They're big, like 2 x 3 feet and such.)

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    1. Take care of your family. None of this is worth injuring yourself further or neglecting the needs of others in your house.

    2. Ask for help from friends and/or from your church. This is an opportunity for someone to step up and help you...even if it's just watching the kids while you work on the house, but I bet someone can come in and assist you with the tile. I know you may be embarrassed to ask, but're already asking strangers on the Internet for help.

    For the remaining work I think the following priorities are best.

    1. Bathroom.

    2. Laundry room.

    3. Stone walkway.

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    Your walkway will not make a dollar difference in your appraisal report. Tell the appraiser about your circumstances. The unfinished bathroom and laundry room will make little difference in the dollar amount. The home being clean and neat will give your appraiser the idea that you do care for your house. He can see the tiles you have yet to lay and the supplies to finish the other jobs. Don't worry, you won't be hurt. Good Luck!

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    the bathroom tile and the laundry room floor

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