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I need strategies for stress relief.?

Any ideas? I am a forty year old woman. Single mom, work full-time at a high stress job. I have tried yoga and have just started taking a supplement called "Relora." I eat a fairly balanced diet and my BMI is in the "healthy" range. Thanks! Rachel

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    What I find best is to go to a dim, quiet place, close my eyes, and breathe deeply for about ten minutes. Make sure to concentrate on your breathing. Also, make sure you are in a comfortable postion.

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    I use hobbies as a stress reliever. Something that is easy, fun and makes me happy in the end result. Mine are knitting and painting.

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    Check out ( http://www.reducingstress.net/ ) They have lots of great articles and tips plus links to great stress relieving products.

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    I think at this point meditation is a good option or seeing your primary care physician.

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