What planet/star blinks red/blue/white? I see it now E in early night sky. Have also seen it N other times.?

I don't have a telescope, but with good binocs it clearly flashes red and blue and white. Does not move in the sky, so not a plane. I am thinking Saturn? I am in Oregon if that helps.

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    I think you're looking at Sirius the dog star. It's below Orion, and it flashes like a disco ball. Red, blue, yellow and white.

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    The flashing is due to turbulence in Earth's atmosphere. You can see the same effect on any bright object low in the sky. Bright stars and planets rising this time of year include Capella, Aldebaran, Betelgeuse, Rigel, and Saturn. Of these, only Capella will be seen to the north.

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    Sirius is the brightest thing in the southeast at dusk now. It often twinkles greatly in the low air. In a few months you can start seeing Venus close to the evening twilight.

    Venus is a several steps brighter.

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