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How are the public schools in Chicago?

Seriously..are there some decent schools? CPS is always hiring...what is the deal??

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    The CPS rather stinks overall, there's a lot of waste in the system, and some bad apples for teachers but there are some shining star schools in the bunch. Some schools seems to do better than others. Chicago Magazine ran an article in October of this year rating the top elementary school in the city and surrounding suburbs. The link below is part of the article and explains how they were rated. I live in the city and I pulled my kids from a Catholic school to attend one of the top 10 public schools. The Catholic school I sent them to could not compete with the facilities, teaching staff, and all the extras that are offered at their new public school and it's FREE. Lucily the area where the school in is good and the ids at the school are a good bunch. A lot of parent involvement...I think that's key.

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    The suburbs have some average schools.

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    i live in the suburbs and went to catholic and public schools and i can tell you that they're HORRIBLE. i went to 2 highschools and the better one was maine west. but that's in the suburbs.

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