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What are some thoughts on this?

"Rumsfeld in farewell pleads for patience in Iraq"

My thoughts are:

"Shut up, get the out of Washington already and don't let the door hit you in the behind"

Rumsfeld needs to be put on trial then sentenced accordingly.

Note: having a fed up with Washington day. LOL


Additional Details with elaboration:

No matter what party affiliation a person is, no one could argue that the man made a mess of Iraq that caused unnecessary American deaths. That is where my anger towards him comes from.

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    Abu Grav set relations back 50 years in the middle east. Someone should be held responsible. Our people committed war crimes, and should be punished.

    No one committing war crimes theirs or ours should be spared. Everyone should be held accountable.

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    History dictates those who don't learn from the past are condemned to repeat it.

    America's desire for immediate gratification weakens us.

    Extremists sit back with patience as do Russia and China laughing at us with our bickering. Just waiting for the right time to twist current events in they're favor.

    A future Cold War is on the horizon and the whichever kind of government ends up in Iraq will determine whom has the upper hand in a Cold War that could leave in the same shoes as the former USSR.

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    I enjoy you to no end but this time you are wrong( not often but this time). Rumsfeld made mistakes with this war. ALL people in charge of wars including presidents make mistakes in war. I fought a war where the president lied to get us involved(Johnson) but he was a Democrat so it seemed OK for him to use a bold face lie to get us into Vietnam. No one wanted to charge him with war crimes. GW used data from the CIA that was faulty but 4 other countries had the same information & believed it.A federal judge yesterday heard arguments in the suit filed against Rumsfeld by the ACLU ( who else) for war crimes. The judge asked what they wanted him to do as he said Rumsfeld committed NO crime. Just be glad he is gone& get on with life. It will all come out in the wash.

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    My thoughts are:

    Secretary Rumsfeld has humbly served the USA for many many years. Upon his departure from public service, he offered some parting remarks, as is customary.

    You said "Rumsfeld needs to be put on trial then sentenced accordingly" but you never said what possible crime he may have committed. I'm sure if Rummy was suspected of any criminal wrongdoing, it would have been all over the media by now. What would you have Rumsfeld "on trial" for?

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    While I certainly don't like everthing he has done, I don't think it was done with any malice. The scary thing is that he, and most of the administration, believed they were doing the right thing. And sadly the damage is already done and there doesn't appear to be any graceful way out of the mess.

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    He's looking pale, like Ken Lay before his sentencing. Maybe no one will get to slam the door on his behind.

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    I'll take it one step further.

    Yes, put Rumsfeld on trial.


    Impeach Bush.

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    Rumsfeld is not commander in chief of the armed forces, Bush is! Bush should spend the rest of his life in prison for his lies and warmongering.

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    he went in there with his little shock and awe, and then that was the end of iraq for him, and now iraq is in grave danger of being in a civil war and the insurgents are taking over! THE WAR ON TERRIORISM IS BEING LOST BECAUSE RUMSFELD DID NOT HAVE A PLAN AFTER HIS SHOCK AND AWE

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    Well, what do you propose he be accused of? If he had actually committed any crimes, don't you think Nancy Pelosi and the new leaders of Congress would already have him up on charges? I think he tried, his ideas were rejected, and now he is out of the Cabinet. I think he had the best intentions, it just didn't work out the way he thought it would. Just my opinion.

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