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Anybody know of a good regex editor (free, lightweight, and thorough)?

I use notepad2 but it does not support multilines (ie, I can search and replace but only on a per-line basis, I can't do a search and replace among multiple lines). I love notepad2 because it saves me so much time not just at work, but with anything in information processing. Also I can keep it on my usb drive as a standalone app.

I found this nice website,, but it seems to work a little bit with multiline but it's still buggy.

Does anyone know of a lightweight app that is good with multiline functioning, and free?


I need a regular expressions editor, not a registry editor...

It's been likened to "search and replace methodology on steroids". I work with a lot of text and need to replace portions of text frequently using consistent search criteria.

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    NtRegEdit is a good prgram to use and you can obtain a free version of it.

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    Picasa is an outstanding unfastened application, yet would not have 'layers'. A freebie that does is 'PIXIA' in spite of the incontrovertible fact that that's somewhat harder to apply in terms of interface, menus, and so on. yet another reachable foto workhorse is 'irfanview', with batch & document matters featured, yet fewer foto specific products. an thrilling and funky freebie is 'smartmorph' which lets you morph (substitute) one foto into yet another....very cool.

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