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Dog Whisperer for people?

The Dog Whisper says that to be healthy, happy and balanced dogs need: exercise, discipline and affection. Do you think this could apply to people, especially those with down-in-the-dumps depression?

Exercise: produces endorphins, and general over-all health benefits.

Discipline: Sticking to a course of action, or a project to raise self-esteem and give sense of pride and accomplishment.

Affection: Being loved, cuddled and praised.

I find if I'm missing one or more of those things in my life, I feel down. What's your opinion?


I'm just wondering if life can be easier - maybe we're over-thinking things and just need to be "primal."

Update 2:

As for the answer re: the shhh and the touch... Sometimes I get emotional and need to be snapped out of it, you know? Maybe not that exact sound, but because I get panicky, I can relate to that idea of a quick attention grabber.

The touch would work on me, too.

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    to a large degree its true.While not a "cure" the positive aspects of the in fact help. My wife works in a mental health facility and uses those things as part of treatment

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    I agree that being unbalanced makes you feel depressed.

    I would like to add something to your question... Do you think Cesar Millans' method of discipline- "The Sound (SSSH) and "THE TOUCH" can be used as effective behaviour control on people?

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    Sure, who couldn't benefit from these three?

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