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has anyone expierenced this?

i am 19 weeks pregnant and have alot of pressure down there like pubic area the doctor said it is normal because of the strecthing of ligamets. i wanted to see if anyone else felt this. we also had sonogra last night and the girl doing it said she is about 75% sure it is a girl that she looked at 3 diffrent pics and there is no sign of it being a boy. she says 75% because the cord was between its legs ..but she said she still didn't see anything that it would be a boy...what are your thoughts on these 2 things????? thanks

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    I go am also 19 weeks and I feel the pressure sometimes. I lay down and it goes away. I feel it even in my female area. Sometimes it hurts and sometimes I can still go about my day. They told me it was ligaments and the location of baby. As far as boy or girl don't go out a buy all pink. My Ob did my sonogram at 21 weeks and he said 85% girl. I bought everything girly. I woke up from general (csection emergency) asking to see my little girl..It was a huge little boy...I didn't even have an outfit to take him home in..Thank God for family. I would still buy all neutrals until the day you meet your little one, thats what I am doing. I had to give everything away because things were washed and ready to go with no tags. My car sear was the only thing I could keep.

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    I am 20 weeks pregnant and I started having pressure down there about 2 weeks ago. At first I was scared cause it was a really weird feeling but I aswell checked with my docotor and he said it is perfectly normal due too the stretcing of the ligaments and aswell as when the baby is cradled down there it can aswell cause pressure on your bladder and pubic area.

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    first of all yes i did feel a lot of pressure in the pubic area it somtimes hurt when i walked and you will probably feel it a lot more as your pregnancy progresses.When i found out the sex of my baby(which was a boy?)I ask the nurse who scaned me how she knew and she told me that she could see the testicles(has i thought they would look for a penis)but hey there you go you learn somthin new every day! LOTS OF LUCK.

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