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when does Flicka come out?

When does the movie Flicka come out on DVD?


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    I found this on rotten tomatoes

    That old horse chestnut "My Friend Flicka" gets a generic makeover in the form of the singular "Flicka," a thoroughly uninspiring drama that ultimately buckles under Michael Mayer's weighty direction.

    Going back to the darker Mary O'Hara novel for inspiration, the updated flick boasts fine performances by Maria Bello, country singer Tim McGraw and young Alison Lohman, but it fails to convey the stirring spirit of the 1943 version.

    Although it's squarely aimed at female tweens, with Roddy McDowall's original Ken McLaughlin character having been transformed to a Katy, that target demographic hasn't exactly been champing at the bit for their own movies, if the less than stellar results for such titles as "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants" and "Aquamarine" are of any indication.

    While the Fox 2000 production will probably be a theatrical nonstarter, it still could kick up a bit of dust in the DVD corral.

    Having returned to the McLaughlin family ranch in remote Wyoming (played extensively by Los Angeles) after being away in private school, Lohman's 16-year-old Katy discovers a wild mustang filly in the mountains whom she names Flicka, which she is told means "beautiful young girl" in Swedish.

    Katy is desperate to keep the horse over the objections of her equally strong-willed dad, Rob (McGraw, who made an impressive acting debut in 2004's "Friday Night Lights"), determined to prove that she can turn her into riding material.

    For some reason, he just can't see that Katy and Flicka are kindred spirits, even though director Mayer ("A Home at the End of the World") and screenwriters Mark Rosenthal & Lawrence Konner (responsible for the remakes of "Mighty Joe Young," "Planet of the Apes" and "Desperate Hours") keep hammering that point home relentlessly.

    It turns out other things threaten to pull the McLaughlin family apart, including having to sell off the struggling ranch and Katy's brother Howard's (Ryan Kwanten) as-yet-unannounced plans to attend college in Boston rather than follow in his dad's footsteps.

    That leaves mom Nell (the always reliable Bello) to try to keep it all together.

    She certainly doesn't get much help from Mayer, whose buoyant stage work -- including the Broadway productions of "Thoroughly Modern Millie" and "You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown" -- is nowhere to be seen in this bland, overly purposeful production.

    Although the performances are uniformly credible, the viewer is never given a real, unspoken sense of that unbridled bond between the girl and the mustang. There's little joy in this glum production, where storms keep gathering at the slightest hint of rain.

    Production values are respectable, with cinematographer J. Michael Muro putting his considerable experience working in the great outdoors ("Open Range," "Crash"), to good use here, though producer Aaron Zigman's score keeps getting interrupted by pesky songs about running with the wild horses and the weight of the world, just in case we somehow still didn't get the message.


    20th Century Fox

    Fox 2000 Pictures presents a Gil Netter production


    Director: Michael Mayer

    Screenwriters: Mark Rosenthal & Lawrence Konner

    Based on the novel "My Friend Flicka" by: Mary O'Hara

    Producer: Gil Netter

    Director of photography: J. Michael Muro

    Production designer: Sharon Seymour

    Editor: Andrew Marcus

    Costume designer: Molly Maginnis

    Music: Aaron Zigman


    Katy McLaughlin: Alison Lohman

    Rob McLaughlin: Tim McGraw

    Nell McLaughlin: Maria Bello

    Howard McLaughlin: Ryan Kwanten

    Gus: Dallas Roberts

    Norbert Rye: Nick Searcy

    Running time -- 94 minutes

    MPAA rating: PG



    Back in the late '80s, some evil statistician persuaded the powers of Hollywood that men in general and young boys in particular were the median audience for its movies; and that women -- particularly teenage and younger girls -- were a powerless demographic.



    DIRECTOR: Michael Mayer

    CAST: Alison Lohman, Tim McGraw, Maria Bello

    RUNNING TIME: 94 minutes

    RATING: PG for some mild language

    GRADE: B+


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    Ever since then, even though this false wisdom has been disproved time and again, virtually every movie seems to be aimed at the young male audience. And even those few films that do have young-girl protagonists seem to be half aimed at the boys.

    The best thing that can be said about "Flicka" -- Fox's successful retread of its 1943 kid flick, "My Friend Flicka" -- is that it is purely and fearlessly a girl-and-her-horse movie that isn't trying to be all things for all audiences.

    Only loosely based on the original film, the 1956 TV series and the Mary O'Hara novel that inspired them both, the film does a gender switch, transforming the original's boy hero into Katy (Alison Lohman), a 16-year-old girl living on her family ranch in contemporary Wyoming.

    Katy loves this life and her dream is to one day run the spread but, wanting better things for her, her father (Tim McGraw) has packed her off to school, where she's miserable and such a poor student she's on the verge of flunking out.

    While home on summer vacation, she finds a mustang, and when she adopts the horse, names it "Flicka" and comes to identify with its rebellion against civilization, it puts her on a collision course with her father, who sees the animal as a threat.

    As this family crisis is worked out in the process of a summer of adventures, the movie's biggest drawback may be Lohman, because she's 26 and looks way too old for the part -- especially if you happened to see her in last year's NC-17-rated "Where the Truth Lies."

    But she's a compelling actress and the rest of the cast is strong, especially Maria Bello as her understanding mother and -- surprisingly -- country music star McGraw, who is inexperienced and slightly wooden, but carries off his part with a tender conviction.

    Director Michael Mayer ("At Home at the End of the World") creates a handful of stirring action sequences, he communicates the nobility of his mustang title character and he brings out genuine pathos in the father-daughter conflict.

    Best of all, "Flicka" does not seem to be pandering to the dictates of Hollywood formula filmmaking, and everything about it seems structured to evoke that special love which young girls seem to universally feel for the equine species.

    It comes out during february.

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    I think I read it comes out in February.

    Too bad, not in time for Christmas!

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