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what do i do?

i love a boy(a lot!)some of his friends are saying he likes me and some are saying he hates me!i am to afraid to talk to him though,so i cant ask him my self!i talk to him sometimes without being shy but not very afton.what do i do?PLEASE HELP!

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    talk to him one on one and dont worry about wat his or ur friends say if it turns out he like u then u should hook up wit him. (try not to be shy)

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    Hmmm...sounds to me like you are way too young to know what love is. I think it is more like puppy love if anything. Forget what his friends say, if you are apparently telling everyone but him your feelings, he probably already knows. I mean, come on, remember they are his friends, not yours. I suggest being upfront with him, who knows maybe you will be a couple then or if not, he has to at least admire your courage.

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    even though your shy you should talk to him to get the story strait and even if he does hate u the worst thing he can Do is say he dosen't like you

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    ask your friends they know you a lot better than any of use will

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