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How can I determine whether a trait is sex-linked or not?

i am given phenotypes of the P generation, the F1 and F2.

for example, 3 males with yellow eyes X 3 females with normal eyes


42 males with yellow eyes

29 females with yellow eyes

10 females with normal eyes

30 males with normal eyes

that's just an example. how do i determine wether the yellow eyes are a sex-linked triat?

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    Sex linked simply means carried on the X chromosome.

    Typically, most examples of sex linked genes are recessive, and show up MORE commonly in males, since they only have 1 X chromosome.

    However, the reverse applies also- if a sex linked gene were dominant, you would see it MORE commonly in females, since they have 2 chances to get it.

    That said- look at your proportions- 50% of the pups have yellow eyes, total. Looking by sex, yellow eyes is present roughly 55-45 in males.

    However, it is 75-25 in females.

    I would suspect that this gene could be sex linked dominant.

    That said, you have way too small of a population to say anything definitive.

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    Y appropriate recessive features will in common words take position in some male and no ladies. Y appropriate dominats will be in all adult males and no ladies. X appropriate dominates will be in all offspring. X appropriate recessives will be in some ladies yet no adult males. that's only Mendelian ratios and there are a selection of exceptions. Genetic make up does no longer continually finally end up in a particular phenotype. Many different elements in touch.

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    i don't know how to prove it but 10 females with normal eyes, that looks a bit low compared to the other phenotypes

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    I'm pretty sure sex-linked traits can only be carried by males since they are XY. So if you have any females with the problem then it probably isn't sex-linked.

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