I need ideas on how to make an awsome and edible gingerbread house, please?

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    Take an empty milk carton--the cardboard ones, not plastic. Wrap it in tinfoil. Then make some frosting with powdered sugar, milk and a little vanilla. Now, get a bunch of graham crackers.

    Using the frosting as glue, attach the graham crackers to the milk carton. It likely won't fit perfectly, so the graham crackers will stick out a little.

    Now, the house is built. It's time to decorate. Use licorice, gumdrops, cinnamon hot candies, etc. Have fun!

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    Go to the Wilton.com website. They are the cake decorating kings and you can get a recipe there for Royal icing. Its the icingthat dries hard and is used to 'glue' the pieces together as well as make icicles that hang off the sides.

    They ALSO have every type of gingerbread house you can think of along with the patterns you need to cut out the shapes and the ingredients you need to decorate the house the way they show.Alll free! I can't think of a better website to go to for decorating ANYTHING edible!

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    Well they have the "already made and constructed' gingerbread house kits at Walmart. All you have to do is decorate them. If you wanna make them yourself, i suggest you use a very stiff icing for the glue and have a lot of patience.

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