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Grady Memorial Hospital, Atlanta Ga?

Can one train in Radilogy or X-ray tech at Grady Hospital?

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    Radiology is a medical specialty; you need to finish medical school first and then get a spot in a residency program. Radiology spots are not easy to get.

    An xray tech requires vocational training. Radiology technician schools will train you to become a radiology technician (or "radiographer"). The primary work of radiology technicians is to take x-rays. Some employ modern techniques, such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) or computerized tomography (CT). Radiology technician schools can offer programs ranging from one to four years. A two-year associate degree program is the most usual. Your program will focus on the full range of radiography technology, equipment, and techniques. You will also study the relevant aspects of anatomy, clinical practice, and medical terminology.

    Grady has its own school. The School of Radiologic Technology, sponsored by Grady Memorial Hospital of the Grady Health System, is the oldest in the State of Georgia.

    Contact them here:

    Admissions Office

    Schools of Radiation and Imaging Technologies

    Grady Health System

    80 Jesse Hill Jr. Drive, SE – P.O. Box 26095

    Atlanta, GA 30303-3050

    (404) 616-3610 or (404) 616-3619

    Good luck!

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    I'm not sure about Grady Hospital, but if it does it will be on this list....... This site has EVERY program in the country that teaches X-ray


    Source(s): www.AllAlliedHealthSchools.com
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    call the hospital too see what training they offer .

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